All presentation sessions in 2019 Morrill Hall.

Thursday, July 26th

9:00-9:15am | Welcome and Introduction (video)

9:15-10:30am | Keynote I: Renaissance Aristotelianism(s) (video)

Helen Hattab

10:30-10:45am | Break

10:45-11:35am | Confessionalization and Natural Philosophy

Andreas Blank

11:35am-12:25pm | Natural and Experimental History

Peter Anstey

12:25-2:00pm | Lunch

2:00-2:50pm | The Later Sects

Delphine Bellis

2:50-3:40pm | Science of the Living Body

Peter Distelzweig and Evan Ragland

3:40-3:55pm | Break

3:55-4:45pm | Circulation of the Blood and Physiology

Gideon Manning

7:00pm | Dinner

For invited participants, +39 Restaurant

Friday, July 27th

9:50-10:40am | The Art of Thinking

Sorana Corneanu

10:40-11:30am | Instruments and the Senses

Philippe Hamou

11:30-11:45am | Break

11:45am-12:35pm | Sidereus Nuncius and Its Reception

David Marshall Miller

12:35-2:00pm | Lunch

2:00-2:50pm | New Mathematics

Niccolò Guicciardini

2:50-3:40pm | Physico-Mathematics

Maarten Van Dyck

3:40-3:55pm | Break

3:55-4:45pm | Practitioners’ Knowledge

Joel A. Klein

6:30pm | Rendez-vous

Torrent Brewing

Saturday, July 28th

9:50-10:40am | Astrology and Natural Magic

Stephen Clucas

10:40-11:30am | The Problem of Force and Dynamics

Marius Stan

11:30-11:45am | Break

11:45am-12:35pm | Debates about the Nature of Body

Geoffrey Gorham and Edward Slowik

12:35-2:00pm | Lunch

2:00-2:50pm | Celestial Physics

Jonathan Regier and Pietro Daniel Omodeo

2:50-3:40pm | Post-Newtonian Mechanical Philosophy

Zvi Biener and Brian Hepburn

3:40-3:55pm | Break

3:55-5:10pm | Keynote II: The Mechanical Philosophy (video)

Sophie Roux

5:45-8:00pm | Dinner Discussion

For invited participants, Memorial Union